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Product overview: Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzer


Reduced testing complexity, a simplified workflow and an intuitive user interface provide a new level of ease-of-use in battery testing.

  • The ideal test tool for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery back-up applications
  • The intuitive user interface, compact design and rugged construction ensure optimum performance, test results and reliability
  • Covers a broad range of battery test functions ranging from DC voltage and resistance tests to full condition testing using automated string function testing and the test probe integrated infra-red temperature measurement system
  • Designed for measurements on stationary batteries of all types.


Fluke BT521 Key features:

(Designed for users who need to incorporate temperature measuring)

  • All of the above* plus
  • BTL21 Intelligent Test Probes with long and short extenders, built-in LCD display and speaker for visual and audio feedback and integrated infrared temperature sensor for taking temperature measurements on the negative battery post with every test
  • BTL20ANG Intelligent Test Probe Set, with long and short angled tip probe extenders (no temperature sensor)
  • Wireless capability works with Fluke Battery Analyze mobile app (Fluke BA Mobile)*
    • View profile and associated test results from the Battery Analyzer
    • Send out the profile and test results via Email with (.csv) data format

* BTL20 not included with the Fluke BT-521

FLUKE 電池分析儀 Battery Analyzer BT521

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